Testimonial Comments.

“The examples you use, the group interaction, the humor, the level of activity and discussion has been incredible. I have learned a lot and enjoyed this presentation.”Comments from the Interpersonal Skills Presentation
“The participation exercises were excellent. This information is very eye opening for me. I really enjoyed the visual aids, the handouts, the group interaction and that the presenter is so enthusiastic.”Comments from the Team Work at Work Presentation
“I really enjoy your teaching style. I loved the information regarding verbal communication and active listening. All the information provided today was very helpful. I will be a better listener and manager as a result of this teaching.”Comments from the Communication That Makes a Difference Presentation
“Very relevant to our work place environment.”Various Comments From Employees and ManagersThat Makes a Difference Presentation
“Interactive, helpful, AWESOME!”Various Comments From Employees and Managers
“High energy, passionate about the material, great stories.”Various Comments From Employees and Managers
“I have learned from and enjoyed each session.” Various Comments From Employees and Managers
“I am learning a great deal of new information.”Various Comments From Employees and Managers
“Funny, easy to follow and kept my attention from the beginning.”Various Comments From Employees and Managers
“TCM Solutions has many years of experience, expertise, and success in making organizations and individuals successful. This makes them valuable as a business consultant when looking to institute and implement strategies for growth and profitability..”Vision Source Director of Business Development
“Tony involves everyone in the discussion. The way he outlined the subject matter made it easy to follow. The presenter stayed enthusiastic for the entire time. I am taking each suggestion under full consideration.”Comments from the Managing Individual Performance Presentation
“The level of quality and productivity is excellent. He involves the group and even identifies people who don’t normally speak to get everyone to contribute. Lot’s of fun, as usual. This guy is doing it as well as it can be done.”Comments from the Building a Positive Organizational Culture Presentation
“Challenging, Informative, Inspiring.”Various Comments From Employees and Managers
“Insightful and enjoyable. Very useful. I can see myself using this at work and at home. Great presentation.”Various Comments From Employees and Managers
“Useful for both personal and professional. Tony kept my attention. Very entertaining and enthusiastic.”Various Comments From Employees and Managers
“Thorough and interactive.”Various Comments From Employees and Managers
“Excellent! Very eye opening for me. Oh, the changes I need to make.”Various Comments From Employees and Managers
“This is so helpful!”Various Comments From Employees and Managers
The results of a recent small (22 participant) Presentation Evaluation for Team Work That Works and The Art of Persuasion showed the following:100% of responses were either “Very Good” or “Good”. 89% of the responses were “Very Good”. This is on a scale of Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor.

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