Christian Leadership For The 21st Century.

Christian Leadership for the 21st Century

“Leading Others to Lead Others”

Reverend Dr. Eric L. Leake
Bishop Anthony Collins
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About the Book:  This book is a powerhouse of transformational information that will definitely have a positive impact upon you, your family, your career, and your organization.  We will never improve until we seek information that brings us to a standard that is higher than ourselves.  We all need new knowledge that we can use to propel our productivity to the next level and beyond.  This book is not only the Revelation you have been looking for, but it also provides the Motivation.  And Revelation plus Motivation will always equal Transformation.  Prepare for your positive transformation, for it is just beyond the opening pages of this book.


“I have developed a stronger relationship with God as a result of this information.  I’m a better disciple of Christ.  I am better educated in the word of God and my role as a child of God.”

“The principles in this book have transformed me.  I was exposed to new principles and concepts that challenged me in unexpected ways.  These principles have positively impacted my marriage and my ability to positively parent my teenagers.  I am a better leader as a result of learning and applying these concepts.”

“The information taught in this book on leadership has helped me to get promoted at work.  I also use them in so many other ways like leading my children and being a grandparent.”

“This information changed my life.  I am so grateful to Bishop Anthony Collins.”

“I am using these principles at home and work with great success.”

This information has changed my life: both in ministry and my home life.  I also got the best performance appraisal I’ve ever gotten by employing this information.”

“This represents an incredible opportunity to grow.”