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God tells us in 2Timothy 1:7 that “God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, love, and of a sound mind.”  2 things: 1) if we are afraid it’s because we are being influenced by the demonic – it is literally an attack of the devil designed to prevent us from operating in a spiritually rational way. We allow our past or the whispers of the unknown to make us feel insecure by doubting our God’s love and word.  2) Fearful is not who we are in Christ.  We are those who have a sound mind.  We operate in moderation and we are self controlled.  We don’t allow fear to influence our actions because we know what God’s word says.  As we honor Him, God is going to take care of us and those that we love.  It is a lie based on fear when we are not willing to trust God with our tomorrow. We are operating in deception, because we have believed a lie whispered by fear instead of the truth spoken by The Spirit.  And when we operate based upon a lie, we can never have the fullness of what Christ has for us.  I encourage us all to surrender our today and our tomorrow to the only One who holds it all!

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