Eliminating Discouragement In The Work Place

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Have you noticed signs of your workers or maybe even yourself becoming discouraged?  Discouragement is an organizational dream killer.  It stops positive things from happening.  It stops people from being optimistic.  It kills hope and breeds mediocrity.  Here are a few things to watch out for to make sure that you and your organization don’t fall into the discouragement trap:

–       Fatigue.  There is always a drive to accomplish more and more in any organization.  Managers are looking for ways to get more with less.  There is nothing wrong with pushing ourselves and working hard, but we must take time to rest.  If we are not careful, the work just becomes a routine and not long after that it’s just a rut.  We get tired physically, mentally and emotionally.  From time to time we need to be refreshed.  Become intentional about scheduling your times of relaxation.

–       Frustration. Sometimes no matter how much we try, we can’t seem to get done the important things that we think we need to get done.  We have significant tasks to accomplish, but instead of doing what needs to get done we find ourselves dealing with the trivial that can’t be avoided.  These are the interruptions that prevent us from making the big strides that we so desperately desire.  Don’t forget that this is just part life’s challenge.  This too shall pass.  Take care of the little distractions, but don’t loose focus on the main thing.

–       Failure.  The finality in failure is believing that it is permanent.  Everyone fails sometimes.  Don’t complain, don’t throw a pity party, and don’t blame others.  Learn how to look beyond where you are.  This problem might be a setback, but it’s really a set up for bigger and greater things for you to accomplish and prove.  Attack!

–       Fear.  When we are fatigued, frustrated, and see things failing it is easy for fear to set in.  There are so many things that we are afraid of.  We fear failure, criticism, that we aren’t qualified, that we can’t get it done, that the pressure is too much, that the job is just too big for us, and much more.  The truth is that we don’t have to fear any of those things.  Self-doubt can just be a natural part of the growth process.  You are where you are for a reason.  You have the position because you are qualified.  Success is inevitable, just keep doing the right thing and everything is going to be alright.

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