Seven Steps To More Effective Communication

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Good communication is critical for any relationship or organization to operate effectively. George Bernard Shaw said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” This speaks to the level of focus and intentionality that we need to have in regards to our communication process. I am a firm believer that when it comes to important topics, it is impossible to over communicate.

Today I want to provide you with “Seven Tips To Help Improve Both Individual And Team Communication”.

1. Interact openly and honestly. Make sure you are being authentic, that’s the word that jumps out at me here.

2. Deal positively with contrary viewpoints. Our natural tendency is once we hear something that we don’t agree with, we shut down, stop listening, and begin formulating our rebuttal. Don’t do that. Seek to understand the viewpoint. There may be something there that is valuable. At the very least respond respectfully. This will prevent the person you are communicating with from shutting down.

3. Provide access. Open the lines of communication and keep them open. You might be surprised at how much positive information you receive.

4. Listen. Not to respond, but to understand. Good communicators are good listeners.

5. Respond promptly, when you can. Don’t wait longer than needed to communicate your response. This will help build the relationship.

6. Don’t interrupt. When we interrupt someone, we are saying that what I have to say is more important than what you are saying. Not only is it rude, but quite possibly it is incorrect.

7. Keep your team up to date. The lack of communication has been the start of many disputes. When people don’t know what’s going on they make up their own scenarios and most often they are not positive.

When you implement these seven strategies you will find that you and your team will become effective in completing your goals.

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