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Welcome to TCM Solutions (Tony Collins Ministries Solutions) where we provide leadership training that will change your life and your ministry. We specialize in Christian leadership development for both the individual and the ministry organization. Our mission is “to help organizations and individuals reach their full spiritual potential”. We do this by helping them to develop the skills and implement the processes that build a culture of success and excellence. We focus on both the spiritual and practical sides of life. Because no matter how great the vision or mission of your ministry the ultimate success or failure will to a great degree be determined by the people that work and volunteer there. Contact us to learn how you can have us come to you for training at an incredibly low cost to your ministry. Thank you for visiting our website. I hope that you will allow us the privilege of assisting you in your journey.

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+Anthony Collins, President

From Aspiration
to Reality.

Whether you are an individual, a church, an organization that deals with non-profits, or a non-profit, we are pleased to work with you to provide solutions that deliver positive results.

Our Solutions
People who have partnered with TCM Solutions have used our help to:
  • Become more efficient, productive and profitable.
  • Develop a more effective strategy and establish higher priorities.
  • Improve focus, attitude, and leadership skills.
  • Overcome barriers, both organizationally and personally
  • Increase passion and purpose.
  • Make their leaders and volunteers more resilient.
  • Help ministry leaders connect with volunteers better.
  • Develop stronger more effective communications.
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Building Leaders.

TCM Solutions

Training That Makes a Difference.

We have targeted some of the most important areas of training. These are just some of the areas where our expertise can benefit you and your ministry. Additionally, we can put together specific presentations and modules to meet your individual unique needs, as examples: Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence, Managing Team Performance, Having Difficult Conversations, Giving Constructive Feedback, Dealing With Emotional People, Developing Strong Interpersonal Skills, and much more.

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